Elevate NITRO has become the “go to,” instant impact nootropic beverage in the Elevacity product line. The NITRO 6 D.O.S.E. Experience is the exclusive offer on your replicated doseexperience.com and elevacity.com websites. It is also available for purchase in your Elepreneur Back Office.

To make this sweet offer even sweeter, we did not raise the price of the 6 D.O.S.E. Experience Packs (even though NITRO Coffee is a more expensive product than Elevate Smart Coffee). We also created a new commission structure: there will be a direct 50% Retail Bonus paid to the “seller” and 25 QV will still go upline to help qualify for rank advancements!

NITRO 6 D.O.S.E. Experience purchased by a Customer: $30 / $15 Retail Commission / 25 QV
NITRO 6 D.O.S.E. Experience purchased by an Elepreneur: $25 / $12.50 Retail Commission / 25 QV

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